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the real folk blues easy come, easy go see you space cowboy what planet is this? toys in the attic toys in the attic
this place is dead as Heaven on a saturday night
you're gonna carry that weight
It's been so long since I've even looked at this site that to go back and read old entries was truly entertaining.

Ah, the simple pleasures, no?
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Hey, how about that. Soundtracks for Final Fantasy I, II, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, and XI are on iTunes. Also some Black Mages stuff, and other assorted FF Nobuo Uematsu stuff. 4-disc OST for VIII, for example, 25 bucks. Nice.

♫ 3-2-1 let's jam: 'Liberi Fatali' - Nobuo Uematsu

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That's me. Late Saturday night, after I'd spent a good long portion of the day moving things, I'm sitting at the computer doing some codework for yet another place that I joined up on. Hadn't really been able to eat dinner, but that was no big deal until a couple of hours later I got so cold that I started shaking uncontrollably. Not too long after, I'm stuck in bed. Was there for somewhere around 30 hours, barring a couple of trips to vomit and seek out some meds. Bleh.

Been to the doc, though, being treated for strep. No work today (obviously), and probably not tomorrow either, seeing as how my supervisor has a phobia of getting sick--ironic, since she works in a hospital, but she does have good reason as she's allergic to more or less every drug on the market. They say after 24 hours of these meds I should be feeling a lot better. So.. there's that.

Anyhow, that's just to let people know why I didn't show up to get more work done yesterday. My fever's down and I'm feeling better save for my throat, so I'm staying out of bed and keeping my mind on things other than being sick. My back hurts from being in bed for so long, anyway.

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♫ 3-2-1 let's jam: 'If You Never Got Sick' -- The Wallflowers

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And yet another new icon.

New default one, at that.

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♫ 3-2-1 let's jam: 'Drift and Die' -- Puddle of Mudd

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It has nothing to do with my theme.

But this icon stays RIGHT where it is.

Mmm, Equilibrium.

(inspired after this song came up randomly on my 2500-song playlist.)

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♫ 3-2-1 let's jam: 'American Bad Ass' -- Kid Rock

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If you've seen (and remember) a certain SNL skit of old, then you'll understand the icon.

If not, then you missed out.

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♫ 3-2-1 let's jam: 'Cumbersome' -- Seven Mary Three

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And the antenna on my cell phone snapped off.


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Right, then. So the thirty minutes of lying down at about 2:00 this morning was all I was destined for.

Ah well. Not like I haven't gone on zero sleep before. I'm actually pretty much as awake as I usually am, in fact.. though I have to wonder if that's really such a good thing.

Oh yeah, and another icon to break the theme.

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♫ 3-2-1 let's jam: 'Breathe' -- Prodigy

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Why Sesshoumaru? Honestly, I don't know.

But I do know I hate lab reports. Of course, it's my own fault that if I sleep at all tonight, it'll almost certainly be less than an hour. But I hate the lab reports nonetheless.

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♫ 3-2-1 let's jam: 'Wind of Change' -- The Scorpions

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Anecdotes. Or something like them.

1. Today in my psych class, it was yet another day (I think this has happened in all three that I've taken, General, Personality, and Developmental.. or maybe it just seems that way) when the professor gave everyone five or ten minutes to pose this question to yourself: "Who am I?" It was for comparison against answers from other (younger) age groups, so there was a reason. But I couldn't really answer it in any way that seemed satisfactory to me.

Maybe it was just because there wasn't enough time. Uh, yeah, that's the ticket.

2. The girl that sits next to me in Physiology lecture reached over and drew a frowning smiley face (so not so smiley) at the top of my notes. I naturally gave her an odd look, and she told me it was a caricature.

Huh. Interesting.

3. Eight weeks of this semester have nearly gone by, and after spring break (next week), only six more weeks of class remain, then finals week. It feels like it's been about three weeks.

This is good. Mostly. I think.

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♫ 3-2-1 let's jam: 'Lemon Tree' -- Fool's Garden

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You know, it's almost insulting to start to walk outside when it's pouring, reach for your umbrella, and find that when you zipped up your bag twenty seconds ago, it got caught in the zipper. Not only that, but it won't come out for the end of the fuckin' world.

Though, upon accepting I was going to get soaked, I did have a nice walk through the rain.

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♫ 3-2-1 let's jam: "Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay" -- Otis Redding

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I don't want a toaster.
Furnulum pani nolo.
"I don't want a toaster."
Generally, things (like this quiz) tend to tick you
off. You have contemplated doing grievous
bodily harm to door-to-door salesmen.

Which Weird Latin Phrase Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

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So I was talking to this girl after class today, and at one point in the conversation, she said something to the effect of: "Wow, I never had you pegged for a kind of guy." And I started wondering, and now between driving back to campus to get some documents for my application and then back home, I came up with this. I turned on anonymous posting and turned off IP logging, so comment on it anonymously, I obviously won't mind. I thought this might be interesting, though for all that it's not necessarily supposed to be a meme, I'm sure it'll look that way.

So, what kind of guy do you have me pegged for? Or, what kind of guy did you have me pegged for, if you were wrong?

Ought to be interesting.

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♫ 3-2-1 let's jam: "Can't Get My Head Around You" -- Offspring

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So I'm sitting in physiology lecture today as the professor is talking about the vestibular system (how the body knows where you are and what all your parts are doing when you can't see them, etc.). We're going over the utricle (detects horizontal acceleration) and the saccule (detects vertical acceleration). It's about that time that I turn I my friend and pose this question:

Me: So, say you're falling from some great height, facing the ground. Will your utricle and saccule be working correctly there, or will they get a little confused since you're facing downward while falling?

Him: Well.. I think pretty much you're just wiggin' out.

Me: ..Yeah, good point.

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♫ 3-2-1 let's jam: 'Buddy Holly' -- Weezer

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Eating black and white M&Ms is.. kind of surreal.

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♫ 3-2-1 let's jam: 'The Egg and You' -- Cowboy Bebop OST

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That my fish is kicking everyone's ass so far.

Makenshi rules!Collapse )

And if you spell my name wrong, like I did, it kicks even more ass...Collapse )

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♫ 3-2-1 let's jam: 'I Confess to All This Mess' -- The Stereo

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In the episode of Cowboy Bebop with Mad Perriot? Yeah.. Spike goes into this playhouse thing and a little holographic angel appears?

A little holographic angel who sounds disturbingly like one of the Chipmunks.

That's even more wrong than Mad Perriot.

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♫ 3-2-1 let's jam: "Wonderful" -- Everclear

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I just realized why I really like this song..

The beginning sounds a hell of a lot like something out of Cowboy Bebop. Pretty similar to Ask DNA, to my ear.

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♫ 3-2-1 let's jam: "Where It's At" -- Beck

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Well, finally filled up all my little slots with new icons (save for the gift ones I've had, those stay). All of them have lyrics of some sort on there, and most (I think all but the default) of them are blended images. Go look! I'd like to think they're pretty cool.

Edit: On the off chance that anyone wants to know what song the lyrics belong to, look here.Collapse )

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♫ 3-2-1 let's jam: 'Talk Dirty to Me' -- Poison

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